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Billing & Account Management


Understanding your water bill

Access the “Understanding Your Water Bill” fact sheet by clicking here. You can also find this resource and several others by visiting our Customer Conservation Center.


How do I pay my water bill? 

There are several options available for you to pay your bill, including: 

  • Pay your bill online. Either use your online login or Quick Pay.
  • Pay by phone with our automated system.  Call 303.693.3800 and press option 6 (you will need your account number).
    *Please note: In order to protect your privacy, Customer Service representatives cannot take payment information directly.
  • Sign-up for AutoPay. Payments are withdrawn or charged to your card on your payment due date. Customers will need to create an account or log in to our online payment system to set up AutoPay.
  • Submit a check by mail or in-person at our office.
  • Please note: While ECCV can accept payments from third party payment apps, it can take up to ten days for these apps to issue payments. This may result in late fees if payment is received after the scheduled due date.


How do I register for an online account? 

Register for an account at
*Please note: ECCV does not have access to your password. If you forget your password, we can provide you with your username and send you a link for a password reset.


How does a water meter work? 

Access the “How Does a Meter Work?” fact sheet by clicking here. You can also find this resource and several others by visiting our Customer Conservation Center.


What are renter/tenant responsibilities? 

Since water is a lienable utility in the State of Colorado, all water accounts stay in the property owner’s name. We do not put renters’ names on accounts. Per the owner's request, we will send a copy of the bill to the owner’s billing address. A bill can be sent to the service address in the name of the RENTER/TENANT if the owner sets this up for the account. It is up to the owner and the renter to determine start and/or end dates for responsibility of the water bill, including any proration in the event of a tenant moving in/out.


How do I transfer or close my account? 

Title companies are solely responsible for all transfers and closings.

Sellers: Sellers do not need to stop service to the property; we do not turn off water service when ownership changes. Service is instead transferred to the new owner. Confirm with your title company that it has requested a final bill and the transfer of service at your time of closing. The title company will pay the final bill with funds withheld in an escrow account.

Buyers: Buyers do not need to request a start of service, it will be transferred by the title company. Buyers should contact ECCV to confirm contact information such as phone number, email, etc. to ensure we can reach you in urgent situations.

Changing the name on an account: ECCV can change the name on an account/billing statement as long as the information matches the property owner’s name on file with Arapahoe County records We would be happy to add your spouse as a secondary name on the account.

Renters – please review the renter/tenant responsibilities on this page.



What services does ECCV provide to customers? 
  • Ensure delivery of safe, reliable water
  • Sanitary sewer service - this is paid as part of your monthly flat fees each month
  • Read water meters monthly for billing purposes 
  • Respond to Water Quality concerns
  • Education, support and access to helpful resources for customers with high bill concerns
  • Courtesy leak checks at customer meters to determine IF a customer has a leak and the leak rate. ECCV can oftentimes assist customers in determining the source of the leak (inside the home, outside the home, toilets, etc.) 
  • Free water use assessments at your property 


What services are NOT provided by ECCV? 
  • Recommendations or referrals to businesses, individuals, or contractors
  • Repairs of any kind to lines and equipment NOT maintained or owned by ECCV. The graphic below outlines what lines and equipment are the property owner’s responsibility.