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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

ECCV has updated the technical specifications for the irrigation design; however, the rate fees and charges have not changed. Therefore, any irrigation projects dated prior to June 1, 2014 have expired and will need to be resubmitted for conformance to updated technical specifications.

Plans and specifications are approved for a six month period only. If construction has not begun within this six-month period, or if it has been halted and not restarted prior to the expiration of the approval period, the plans must be resubmitted for review and acceptance.


icpdf.png   Water System Specifications

icpdf.png   Water General Notes

icpdf.png   Water Detail List

Sanitary Sewer

icpdf.png   Sanitary Sewer System Specifications

icpdf.png   Sanitary Sewer General Notes

icpdf.png   Sanitary Sewer Detail List


icpdf.png   Irrigation System Specifications