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Requesting a Leak Adjustment

In an effort to promote water conservation and as a courtesy to help aid ECCV customers in making leak repairs, the East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (“ECCV”) offers a leak adjustment program for customers who experience a leak, break, or malfunction within their plumbing or water distribution systems (“Leaks”). 
The following criteria must be met to be considered for a leak adjustment:

1.    The account must be current and in good standing.  If the account has been disconnected due to failure to pay in the last six months, if the location is found to have daily or non-eligible day irrigation water usage or if there has been no response to Leak Contact efforts by ECCV, no adjustment will be offered.
2.    The customer must provide a signed Leak Adjustment Request Form and receipts and/or invoices evidencing that the Leak has been repaired.
3.    Requests must be made within 90 days of discovery of the Leak.
4.    If the meter is equipped with "Eye On Water" capability, the customer must register and set a leak alert before the adjustment will be applied to the account.

Please note: Only one Leak Adjustment will be granted within a seven-year period. ECCV’s leak adjustment program is offered to qualifying customers as follows: 

1.    ECCV will make an adjustment for up to three (3) months during the time in which the Leak occurred (the “Leak Period”).
2.    ECCV reviews the usage history for the property where the leak occurred for the three (3) years immediately preceding the Leak to determine a historical average of usage for each attendant month (the “Historical Average Usage”).
3.    ECCV subtracts the Historical Average Usage for each month from the amount billed during the Leak Period to determine the amount of the Leak. 
4.    In qualifying situations, ECCV offers to adjust and reduce the bill by 50% of the total amount of water usage billed during the time of the Leak (“Leak Adjustment”).


(Amount billed during Leak Period – Historical Average Usage during Leak Period) x 0.50 = Leak Adjustment

Leak adjustment requests will take into account no more than three (3) billing periods and take into account the same billing periods the three (3) years immediately prior to determine the normal usage for the customer. If three (3) years of account history are not available to determine normal usage, ECCV will use its discretion to determine normal usage based on like properties and/or irrigated areas (if the Leak occurred in an irrigation system). The determined adjustment must be more than $100 to be offered or applied to the account. The maximum amount offered for a leak adjustment is $500.00. The customer is responsible for the full amount billed to the account during the Leak Period unless and until a Leak Adjustment is accepted and applied. All Leak Adjustments will be applied directly to the applicable account as a credit. No checks will be issued. ECCV reserves the right to inspect the property for leaks and/or repairs and refuse to provide a Leak Adjustment to customers not meeting the Leak Adjustment criteria.

In order to be considered for the leak adjustment program, a signed Leak Adjustment Request  must be submitted via email to or to our office at 6201 S. Gun Club Rd., Aurora CO, 80016. After all documentation is submitted, ECCV will review it in its discretion and if qualified, will offer a Leak Adjustment to the customer via email. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 303.693.3800.

To obtain a Leak Adjustment form call  303-693-3800 or email and we will email a form to complete and return to with the required information.  They can also be obtained in the office at 6201 S. Gun Club Rd, Aurora, Co, 80016