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Progress-To-Date Report June 30, 2024



June 30, 2024

East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (the “District”) has conducted regular monitoring and scanning of its information and communication technology (“ICT”), as such term is defined in 8 CCR § 1501-11.4, as further described below:

  • Perform Streamline's accessibility scans on District's website

The results of the regular scanning and monitoring show the District’s ICT having an overall compliance score of 82% with the Technical Standards, as such term is defined in 8 CCR § 1501-11.5. The District continues to remediate known compliance issues in the following areas:

  • The CUSI-hosted platform utilized to “Pay Your Bill”
  • Past and current District Board meeting minutes, agendas, and notices
  • Past and current Flushing schedules and newsletters
  • Images on pages under About Us, Customer Resources, District Projects, Careers, and Contact Us

Following the Districts’ Quarterly Progress-to-Date Report dated June 30, 2024, the Districts proposed plan of action is to:

  • Continue to perform routine scans utilizing Streamline accessibility scanning service of ICT contained within the District’s website to remain up to date on areas of ICT compliance.
  • Engage/continue to work with IT Department to remediate documents and “Pay Your Bill”  third-party service to ensure compliance with the Technical Standards.
  • Continue to work with the District’s IT Department to ensure noncompliant ICT is part of overall plan for District’s future technological compliance with the Technical Standards.
  • Perform website updates following receipt of/remediation of previously noncompliant ICT

The District is committed to providing equitable technological access to our services, programs, and activities. The District’s ongoing technology accessibility efforts work toward being compliant with the Technical Standards. To that end, the District endeavors to continuously improve the technological accessibility of its ICT demonstrated by this Progress-to-Date Report.