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Outdoor Use Rebates 

  2023 Water Conservation Rebates


East Cherry Creek Valley Water & Sanitation District's rebate program is designed to assist homeowners who want to reduce their water usage and become more efficient with their water. We have recently updated our rebate program to offer our customers more options to save on outdoor water usage - the most common cause of high usage as well as inefficiencies. *Please note, only customers that reside in our service area are eligible for our rebate program.

This includes rebates for rain sensors, sprinkler heads, high efficiency spray nozzles, and a smart controller rebate. 

PLEASE NOTE: Rebates for controllers, sprinklers, nozzles and rain sensors are offered April - September. If you have recently purchased one of these items, please check back in the Spring to apply. 

ECCV also partners with Resource Central to provide a limited number of discounted low water use garden kits in the Spring and Fall. For more information and to sign up for alerts when the gardens go on sale, please visit Garden In A Box

Resource Central also offers a limited number of free outdoor sprinkler audits for ECCV customers. Information can be found here: Slow the Flow  

Water conservation has its rewards for the environment and your pocketbook. ECCV’s Board has approved an annual amount of $55,000 in rebates for customers to take advantage of the Water Conservation Rebate Program.

Please note that we have recently updated our rebate program and policies. Please carefully read the rebate application to ensure all necessary information is included, as required documentation has changed. Each rebate packet with multiple forms must be returned with each form completely filled out. Each section below includes important information about qualifying items.

If you are applying for a Controller or Sprinkler Body/Nozzle rebate, you are required to attend an ECCV Conservation Class. This class is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and will cover conservation/efficiency topics related to outdoor water use. To sign up for a class, please email for a list of available dates and times.


Rain Sensors

ECCV offers the following rebates for rain sensors:

Up to $25 for any wired rain sensor (not to exceed purchase price)

Up to $50 for any wireless rain sensor (not to exceed purchase price)

Please see rebate application for additional information required to receive this rebate

Rain sensors are the easiest way to ensure that you are not watering when unnecessary, due to precipitation. A rain sensor is easy to install, and can be either wired or wireless.

A rain sensor will interrupt your controller’s regularly scheduled programming in response to a pre-set amount of rainfall at your property. This eliminates the need to manually turn off the controller when your property has received precipitation, and is extremely helpful in the event a homeowner is out of town or unable to manually control the watering schedule as needed.


Sprinkler Bodies and High Efficiency Nozzles

ECCV offers the following rebates for irrigation system components:

$5 per sprinkler body (spray head or gear driven rotor) up to 25 units (not to exceed purchase price) for spray heads with pressure regulation (PRS) and check valves OR gear driven rotors with check valves.

$2.50 per nozzle, up to 25 units (not to exceed purchase price) for High Efficiency (HE) nozzles (rotary or nozzles listed in examples below).

 If you have questions regarding which components qualify, please check with your local irrigation supplier or contact

Our sprinkler head and high efficiency nozzle rebates are designed to help homeowners choose components that will help to eliminate unnecessary water waste, as well as improve the system’s overall efficiency. While there are many factors involved in maintaining your landscape, ensuring that you have efficient components is an important step in achieving a healthy, thriving lawn.

Pop-up spray heads are designed to operate at a specific pressure, and to provide ‘head to head’ coverage.

Individual properties’ varying pressures can cause spray heads to operate at a much higher pressure, causing problems such as ‘misting’. When this occurs, it affects the intended water distribution - water is not applied to the landscape and is instead lost to wind, overspray and runoff. One indication of high pressure is brown, dry spots throughout the lawn or in specific areas.

In areas where pressure is lower than the ideal operational pressure, head-to-head coverage is compromised. An indication of low pressure is very green grass close to sprinklers, with dry spots further out. Heads that do not pop-up completely is another sign of low pressure.

Spray heads with built in pressure regulation provide pressure regulation at each individual head, ensuring that the water distributes as intended. This pressure regulation eliminates water lost through misting and overspray. Better coverage increases the health of your lawn.

Check valves allow your system to conserve water once your system turns off. When a sprinkler system stops running, the water in the lines drains to the lowest point. In typical sprinkler heads without check valves, this water then slowly leaks out. In sprinkler heads with check valves, the water stays in the lines until the next time your system turns on.

High Efficiency nozzles can be used with any existing spray head body. HE nozzles distribute water at a slower rate, multiple (usually rotating) streams and larger droplets of water than traditional spray nozzles. This allows water to be distributed onto your lawn more uniformly. Because the rate of application is slower, these nozzles use less water per minute than typical fixed stream spray heads, and allow for better infiltration into the soil with less water loss.


Sprinkler/Controller Rebates

 Irrigation Controllers

 50% up to $100 of purchase price of a qualifying weather based irrigation controller.

Smart, weather-based irrigation controllers automatically adjust your irrigation system’s run time based on historic weather data. This can potentially reduce the amount of water used overall for your property. Any weather based 'smart' controller qualifies for the rebate. For questions about whether a controller qualifies, please contact