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ECCV conducts a system-wide flush of its water lines each spring. This process usually takes a little more than a month and involves opening hydrants throughout the District. This effort helps remove naturally occurring sediment from water lines to prepare for summer, when demand increases. This process also ensures hydrants throughout the District are in good working order which is important for public safety.
The schedule below indicates when ECCV crews plan to conduct flushing operations in each neighborhood, weather permitting. Please be cautious of doing laundry during flushing. Please be aware that the flush can create temporary water discoloration. If this happens, run a faucet on cold until the water clears. If water doesn't clear after 15 minutes, please call ECCV at 303-693-3800.
Hydrant Flushing Schedule
Dates are subject change. Updates will be highlighted.
  Day Date Locations
1 Tuesday 03/12/2019 Saddle Rock Ridge (S of Powers)
2 Wednesday 03/13/2019 *Cancelled Due to Weather*
  Thursday 03/14/2019 Open
  Friday 03/15/2019 *Cancelled Due to Conditions*
3 Monday 03/18/2019 Saddle Rock Ridge (Middle), Saddle Rock Village Apts., Parkview Heights)
4 Tuesday 03/19/2019 Saddle Rock Ridge (North), Trail Ridge
5 Wednesday 03/20/2019 Copperleaf (S of Copperleaf Blvd), The Bluffs at Saddle Rock Ridge, Saddle Rock Ridge (E of S. Tempe St.)
6 Thursday 03/21/2019 Parkborough, Saddle Rock Ranches, Parkview Greens
  Friday 04/03/2019 Greenfield, The Meadows at Saddle Rock
7 Monday 03/25/2019 Parkview Ridge, Bridges at Smoky Hill Commercial, Parkview Terrace, Parkview Meadows (East)
8 Tuesday 03/26/2019 Parkview Meadows (West), Parkview Commons, Smoky Hill and Himalaya Commercial, Smoky Hill Village
9 Wednesday 03/27/2019 Tuscany (E of Danube), Tuscany South (East Side), Piney Creek East (E of Biscay)
10 Thursday 03/28/2019 Tuscany (W of Danube/Biscay), Tuscany South (West Side)
  Friday 03/29/2019 Open
11 Monday 04/01/2019 Jackson Farm, Southern Smoky Ridge
12 Tuesday 04/02/2019 Fox Hills(W of Himalaya), Smoky Ridge (North)
13 Wednesday 04/03/2019 Willow Trace (S of Himalaya) Copperleaf (S of Chenango W of Picadilly)
14 Thursday 04/04/2019 Willow Trace, Fox Hills (N of Reservoir)
  Friday 04/05/2019 Open
15 Monday 04/08/2019 Copperleaf (N of Copperleaf Blvd. to Radcliff)
16 Tuesday 04/09/2019 Copperleaf North
  Wednesday 04/10/2019 *Cancelled Due to Weather*
  Thursday 04/11/2019 *Cancelled Due to Weather*
  Friday 04/12/2019 Open
17 Tuesday 04/16/2019 Saddle Rock Highland (Southeast), Bristlecone at Tallgrass
18 Wednesday 04/17/2019 Mesa, Hampden Villas, Saddlerock Highlands (West), Spring Creek Meadows
  Thursday 04/17/2019 Mesa, Hampden Villas, Saddlerock Highlands (West), Spring Creek Meadows
19 Monday 04/22/2019 The Hills at Piney Creek, The Farm (Northeast)
20 Tuesday 04/23/2019 The Farm (N of Waco & E of Buckley)
21 Wednesday 04/24/2019 The Farm (S of Waco & Both Sides of Buckley)
  Thursday 04/25/2019 Open
  Friday 04/26/2019 Open
22 Monday 04/29/2019 Smoky Hill (E of Telluride and N of Prentice Cir)
23 Tuesday 04/30/2019 Piney Creek (North), Smoky Hill (West)
24 Wednesday 05/01/2019 Piney Creek (Southeast)
25 Thursday 05/02/2019 Piney Creek (Northwest)
  Friday 05/03/2019 Open
26 Monday 05/06/2019 Cherrybrook, Piney Creek Village, Lazy Hills (Both Areas)