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Important Information from ECCV on COVID-19

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has prompted a number of substantial changes to communities. Access to safe, reliable water and sanitary sewer services remains a critical public health issue during this time and ECCV is working diligently to ensure your services continue running as they should. We will continue to compile information on this page of how our operations are responding.


Payment Dropbox Temporarily Unavailable (8/14 - 8/16)

Due to construction at ECCV offices, access to the secure payment dropbox located at 6201 S. Gun Club Road will be unavailable from 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 14 through Sunday, August 16. Customers needing to pay water bills during this time can do so online at, by phone at 303-693-3800, or by mail. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Late Fees and Water Service Shutoffs - UPDATE

ECCV continues to waive late fees for customers with unpaid balances. However, the District will resume water service shutoffs for accounts with large unpaid balances on July 14, 2020. The District is attempting to notify affected account holders by phone and mail. Customers who receive a notification, or are aware of an outstanding balance on their account, should contact ECCV at 303-693-3800.


ECCV Declares Local Disaster Emergency - What It Means

The East Cherry Creek Water and Sanitation District has declared a local disaster emergency to help secure emergency resources for the community if they are needed during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. As a special district, ECCV has the ability to declare a local disaster emergency in order to receive state or federal aid that may be available. It’s important to know this declaration is not based on any known issue with your water, the water system, or sanitary sewer system. This is a proactive step the District is taking to help acquire resources if they are needed. This could involve additional staffing, equipment, or other resources to assist with continued operation of the community’s water system. ECCV has put multiple practices in place to protect employees and customers including closing its office to the public and having employees work remotely. Staff that must be present at facilities are following CDC recommendations including social distancing, hand-washing, and regularly sanitizing work areas.

The declaration was initially made by the District Manager on April 2, 2020 and was extended by the ECCV Board of Directors on April 9, 2020.

Download Board Resolution 2020-006 Continuation Declaration of Local Disaster Emergency


Non-Urgent Service Orders

To protect the health of our customers and our staff, ECCV is following the guidance of public health officials and limiting all non-essential in-person contact. Unfortunately, that means that during this time we will not be able to accommodate non-urgent service orders that require our staff to enter a customer’s home. All service orders that do not involve the loss of water or sewer service will be logged in our system and we will work to address them as promptly as we can once guidance from state and local public health officials determines it is safe to do so. For urgent issues with your water or sewer service, please call us at 303-693-3800.


Calling Our Customer Service Team

As much of our customer service team is currently working remotely, we are utilizing our answering service for all customer service calls. When you call us at 303-693-3800, you will be asked to provide your contact information. A member of our customer service team will then contact you by phone or email to provide assistance. Thank you for your patience in this process and we will work to contact you as soon as possible to help answer questions or resolve any issues.


ECCV Offices Closed to Public

The health of our staff and customers who visit our offices is a priority. Given the continued spread of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 illness, ECCV offices are now closed to the public until further notice. While some members of our team must be on-site to maintain certain operations, all employees who can work from home will be doing so. Customers looking to pay a bill may do so in the following ways:


  • Pay by phone at 303-693-3800
  • Online at
  • Pay by mail
  • Drop payments in the secure box outside the main office entrance


Coronaviruses and Water

ECCV utilizes multiple treatment processes to deliver a safe water supply to the community. This includes chemical disinfection, reverse osmosis filtration, and disinfection with high-intensity ultraviolet light. These processes have consistently been proven effective at eliminating waterborne pathogens, such as coronaviruses. ECCV also conducts regular testing of the water supply to confirm the effectiveness of treatment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Environmental Protection Agency also report that waterborne transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has NOT been detected and the risk to water supplies is low. You can find more information about your water quality and how it is monitored at


Hydrant Flushing in Progress

You may see crews in your neighborhood during the next few weeks opening fire hydrants. This is part of our normal operations to maintain the water system. Each spring, our crews open every hydrant in the district to make sure they are working properly and to remove any naturally occurring sediment from water lines that can settle when water demand is lower in the winter months. This may cause temporary discoloration in your water. Avoid washing clothes when there are flushing operations in your area. If you experience discolored water, run a faucet on cold for a few minutes until the water turns clear. You can find our planned schedule (weather permitting) at