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Improving Home Water Pressure

ECCV continuously monitors water pressures throughout the main service lines in the community’s water system and addresses any pressure issues as they occur. However, certain areas may experience low water pressure during high demand seasons.

ECCV offers a program to assist customers in these areas who frequently experience low water pressure at their homes. This program reimburses eligible customers for most, or all, of the cost of installing an in-home pressure booster pump. If you frequently experience low water pressure in your home, here’s how ECCV can help.

In-Home Pressure Booster Program

Step 1

Customers who frequently experience low water pressure should contact ECCV at 303-693-3800 or A member of our team will contact you to discuss your pressure issues further and arrange a time to take water pressure readings at your home.

Step 2

ECCV will take pressure readings at your home. The District provides this service at no charge but please note these readings are necessary to determine eligibility for reimbursement. Homes with pressures of 45 psi (pounds per square inch) or lower are eligible to participate in the In-Home Pressure Booster Program.

Step 3

Eligible customers may then purchase an in-home pressure booster pump. Customers will be responsible for selecting, purchasing, and installing the booster pump but should save all receipts. Larger plumbing companies may be able to make recommendations on a pump and provide installation.

Step 4

Once installed, eligible customers can submit their receipts to ECCV for reimbursement. The District will reimburse up to $1,500. The costs of purchasing a pump and installation are both eligible for reimbursement.

Booster Program Sign-Up Form

Please use the following form to request a sign up for the program.