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Approved Equipment for Irrigation Sprinkler Controller Program

This list is subject to review

 Listing here does not imply suitability for a particular installation

Units listed are generally available at retailer and industry sources

Rain Bird – NOT APPROVED – Rain Bird SST-400, SST-600, SST-900 series are not approved for rebates. These units have a fixed interval between watering cycles that prevents them from being able to fully maintain the required lawn irrigation watering schedule.

Rain BirdApproved ESP-RZX Series 4/6/8 station models
Approved ESP-Me Modular All versions; expansion modules as required
Approved ESP-SMTe
HunterCore 8 Station Controller Model # XC800
8 Solar Sync Combo Controller Timer Model X-core
K-RainK-Rain RPS 469 4 Station Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer; 3604 K-Rain RPS 469 6 Station Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer 3606
K-Rain RPS 469 9 Station Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer 3609; K-Rain RPS1224 12 Station Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer
Wi-Fi Enabled Controllers
OrbitOrbit B-HYVE 57950 12 Station Controller
Orbit B-HYVE 57946 6 Station Controller
 RachioRachio 16ZULW-B 16 Station Controller (2nd Generation)
Rachio 8ZULW-B 8 Station Controller (2nd Generation)
SkydropSkydrop 8 Station Controller; 8 station expansion module as required

ECCV has approved these Wi-Fi Enabled Controllers based on local availability & published reviews. ECCV cannot offer any programming expertise or advice on the use of any particular device.