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Water Well Reconstruction


Highlands Ranch Water Well Reconstruction

Fact Sheet – 2015 UPDATE


Project Background

In the 1970’s the Willows Water District purchased certain deep aquifer water rights from the Phipps Family. To access the water it purchased, Willows developed a well field consisting of eight wells on the Phipps Ranch property. In the following decades, Phipps Ranch was developed into present-day Highlands Ranch.


In 2001, the Willows Water District sold its well field and the deep aquifer water rights to the East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District (ECCV). ECCV then resold two of the wells to Centennial Water and Sanitation District the same year, leaving ECCV with six wells. Water from the wells is pumped to ECCV through a waterline that follows E-470. These six wells continue to be an important part of the ECCV water supply to provide peak capacity during high demand seasons.


In 2014, ECCV completed reconstruction on three of these wells which had reached the end of their useful lives.


Construction Complete

ECCV and its contractor successfully reconstructed three wells from July through November 2014.


Equipping Wells in 2015

The final phase of this effort involves equipping the reconstructed wells. The equipping process involves installing the necessary equipment and infrastructure to get the wells up and running. The equipping process has been completed at WPA-1R, near Highlands Ranch High School. Work will soon begin at WPA-6R and WPA-2R.


Does equipping require as much work as the reconstruction efforts?


The process of equipping a well is less intensive than reconstruction. While crews and equipment will return to the sites, the equipping process does NOT require: large drilling rigs, sound reduction walls, and overnight work.


Specifically, what type of work will be completed?


At WPA-6R (Andee Way), work will be more of a retrofit. New pumping equipment will be installed and the reconstructed well will be connected to the existing pump station. New mechanical piping will also be installed at the pump station.


At WPA-2R (Quebec), will require slightly more work as crews will build a new vault with mechanical piping that will tie the reconstructed well into ECCV’s pipeline system.


Will any landscaping be done at the sites once crews are finished?


Yes. The final phase of this project involves landscaping and revegetation of each site.


When will work be finished?


The sites will be equipped sequentially. Currently, ECCV estimates work to be complete at WPA-6R by July 1 and work at WPA-2R to conclude by August 1.


Will this work be limited to daylight hours?




If I have a question or concern, to whom do I speak?


You may contact Michelle Probasco, ECCV Project Engineer OR Chris Douglass, ECCV Project Supervisor at 303-693-3800.