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New Technology Available for ECCV Customers

ECCV is excited to begin offering new metering technology that makes it easy for you to track your home’s water use. Beacon transmitters, which use cellular networks to communicate meter readings to the District, are now being offered to ECCV customers. This technology also allows you to review your daily, even hourly, water consumption with the EyeOnWater app.


EyeOnWater App

Information about your water usage is at your fingertips. The EyeOnWater app allows you to track monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly water usage. Knowing when your home is using the most water can help you find ways to conserve. The app also allows you to set custom leak alerts to help you avoid costly water waste. You can access the app on computers and mobile devices.

Cost: Each Beacon transmitter costs about $50. However, ECCV will share this cost with interested customers, meaning you only pay a one-time, $25 fee. ECCV will install the Beacon device at no cost to you, and the EyeOnWater app is free to download and use on computers and mobile devices.

Monitoring Use: While this technology frequently communicates water usage information to the District for billing purposes, ECCV will not be actively monitoring your home’s water usage. We will continue to review account information as part of our standard billing procedures and would only contact you if your usage indicated there may be a significant leak.

Interested customers should contact ECCV at 303-693-3800.